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Wordpress calendar plugin -The Events Calendar

Events Calendar

All I am andrew with the events timetable and in this short tutorial I'm going to show you step by step how to get started with the events timetable inside of your WordPress dashboard we're going to go ahead

and start by installing the draw-in you will go to plugins and click add new on this right side let's go ahead and do a hunt for the events timetable


and then it's the events timetable click install now and spark now that we have the events timetable installed and actuated on this left side you'll see an area called events go ahead

and click add new we wanted to keep this area veritably familiar to you just like the standard post or runner inside of WordPress what we've done for you however is given you a many redundant fields we are going to go ahead

and add in the event title then next you can use the content area to add in a block of description moving down the runner you will find an area to elect the time

and date another thing to note is that you can acclimate time zones point-wide or manually help under event settings scrolling down you'll find an area to choose your position in the first field then you can either produce a new venue or elect one from a drop-down if you've formerly made some inside of your venues area you can check a box to allow it to show on the chart

and as well the coming section is going to be for organizers if your event has an organizer you can add it then by creating it or choose one from your preset list of organizers if you've peopled any in this area next you can add an event website you can add in an event cost next you will want to add an event order over then on this right side you have a many options

then if you would like to hide the event from an event table you can if you'd like to make it sticky or if you'd like to feature this event I am going to go ahead and leave those as is

and right now I am going to elect my featured image you can either upload a brand new picture or choose one from your being media library alright that's it

I am going to go ahead and click publish if you'd like to see the individual event we can click then you event and then's the individual wharf runner for the entire event beautiful large picture of course

Wordpress website & Plugin

this is also going to look great on any theme that you are using inside your WordPress website you've got your links then available and your chart view if you would like to see how this looks inside of the entire timetable view you can come up to the veritably top you will see events and click view Timetable

and there is our event cuisine with Jan perfect incipiently we've the occasion to change some customization to the timetable itself perhaps you want this button to be a different color that'll look better with your brand or with your theme it's easy to do from this view we are gon na click customize

and now you have an area inside of your WordPress customizer to click on the events timetable from then you can do a general then is your accentuation color that affects this button you can actually choose any color you like by adding in the hex color law right then if you'd like to prompt the link colors you can do that as well change them to any color you'd like click publish

and I will show you where that link color actually impacts this if we go into the individual single runner you'll see right then that we have now got red links passing how nice is that let's go back one further and you have some other options then for the single event wharf runner this is our title area and our details of background color so you can make those changes as well put them to any color you'd like to have

and it would make those fluently pop off the runner and blend in with your brand click publish to make those changes go live and X out of that screen to make that process complete each right yelling I hope that helps you get started veritably fluently

and snappily if you are interested in adding further features or functions we've all feathers of other plugins for you I will put the link below in the description box I will see you coming time bye everyone You

How to use calendar plugin

—-hello everyone this is adrew moment in this blogs training i will be showing you easy step-by- step instructions to produce and display an indeed timetable on your wordpress website

i have named the free interpretation of the event timetable plugin because of its fashionability and the number of positive conditions it has so let's dive in this is my website

and then i am on the dashboard of my wordpress website so subscribe in or log into your wordpress website and let's install the plugin like any wordpress plugin it's easy to install the indeed timetable wordpress plugin

then i am just going to get the name so it will be easy to search from then on the plugins i am gon na click on add new then you can see uh plugin hunt box i'm gon na bury the plugin name then

and then's the plugin it's by ultramodern drive sways and hit install now button well i could successfully install the plugin now hit this button to spark it okay i could successfully install

and actuated the plugin once you have successfully installed and actuated the plugin you will see a new menu entry on the admin sidebar on the left side and it's events okay

and it has several sub menus events add new markers indeed orders menus organizers importer import settings help etc okay so let's click on events we do not have any event or we haven't created any event so it's empty no events plant

and click on add new okay so let's produce an event now and after we produce any event also we will talk about the settings and other options okay so for this time being let's produce an event you can click on this button add new beside events or

then you can click on add new just click on add new and then goes the interface of how you can produce an event okay musketeers there's nothing to be surprised as like as creating any blog post or runner it's just veritably analogous to that okay and presumably i am using classic editor

and from first then act title this is the title of the event say for illustration i'm gon na just arrange an event on elementor meetup elementor meetup okay


and then goes the description of the event and on the right side after publish then you can see label you can add any textbook so i am gon na tag dhaka i'm gon na take elementor i'm gon na take themes law okay enough simple and the order it is order of just meetup or commodity differently

and then you can see event options hide from indeed listing stick in the month view point event saved event and then goes theme related options that's fine megahit publish once you have published the event then you can see the event link or url of the event you can hit view the event

then goes the event name wordpress meetup october 15 to october 17 and then goes the event description the caller will be suitable to add to the google timetable and then goes the details organizer

and venue and the chart okay i'm gon na edit the address so that it shows on the chart i'm gon na edit the address position edit venue 18 india road it will be permgate okay now it should appear on the google chart i'm gon na reload it it does not show up commodity there might be anything wrong with the google chart api crucial okay

but there should be a chart okay that is all so in this way you can display the um event timetable of your event but with the free interpretation most presumably you can't add the ticket or

you can not vend the ticket if you would like to do that you should stay for my coming coming videotape on a decoration event timetable plugin using that you can sell ticket or you can get payment okay i'll do that veritably soon okay musketeers now we've created an event and now click on events and then you can see the event

and you can see the markers you can see the event order you can see the venue dhaka and you can see the organizers formerly are an organizer you can import any event okay

and then goes the settings so let's see the event settings just click on settings okay then it is well musketeers then you can see event settings and the once tab is general also display the coming one is license apis import

and upgrade so let's start with the general i'm gon na scroll down show the indeed timetable link yes show general settings number of events per runner 12.

you can show as numerous as you want i'm gon na display it and spark block editor for event you can spark the block editor for the event or you can just use the classic editor if i edit the event then you can see the classic on but if i click on then and hit update just scroll down i'm gon na reload it

now you can see the block editor now you can see the block editor and if you like the classic editor you just uncheck it and show comment and show custom field meta box of course

and include events in main blog circle you can include or count and the event url stuck then you can see if i just see the permalink and

and then it's you can see event on the slack but if you want you can change it event slack and slug url is event events event okay and end of the day cut up and dereliction currency symbol you can change the currency symbol currency symbol for the value and indistinguishable menu organizer merge duplicates

if you find the same organizer or uh menu for the multiple time also you can combine the duplicate content so it will save a space in your database

and move to trash indeed aged than um okay three months all the events aged than three months will be moved to the trash automatically permanently delayed further than six months and chart settings enable chart but it does not display google maps dereliction drone position 10 view welcome runner

and dereliction mode and time zone settings okay use homemade time zones for each event or use the point white time zone you can use it for point white show time zone yes hit save changes and go to the coming part

and then you can see introductory template setting at the moment it's drive events style let's see shell style megahit save changes i am gon na reload this runner again yeah then we can see some changes it was there now it's it is then but i suppose the former bone was better drive event style

and then you can see dereliction template or any template and in this website i've been using elementor runner builder so it named all the runner template it got okay so you can elect any runner template but i suppose elementor with full range elementor full range will be good

and indeed view style list month day use update timetable design etc and the most important part is the date time format it is then okay and eventually see save changes

and the coming tab is license if you have bought the pro interpretation you can enter your license key then okay so musketeers let's see some other settings

and from the left side then you can see settings and click on general and click on general and scroll down then you can see under general there are some time and date related settings from then you can change the your time zone u2c plus six might be for myself

and how would you like to display the date october 9 2020 or just a time and month and date you can change from then you can change the date format from then