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Cheap Domain name

hey what is up everyone i hope you all are well in moment's blogs we will look at how we can buy a sphere name for yourself step by step we will compare a many options before buying and eventually we will go through the checkout process

Do's and Dont's

i will be giving some key do's and don'ts along the way please hit that subscribe button if you have not subscribed yet and press the subscribe button so that you do not miss out on my future blogs having the right sphere name is really important and people can spend hours overthinking on it

you might have formerly chosen the sphere name which could completely work but before picking a sphere name ask yourself these questions do you need a general sphere name or a country specific sphere name for illustration if i'm a small business in India.


I should pick fleck co fleck nz because that will be the correct thing to do for seo purposes the alternate question you should ask yourself is do you have the right keywords in your sphere name because this may affect your website's seo as well seo that's hunt machine optimization .

Keyword search tool

And is a way for google and other hunt machines to rank your website to a keyword for illustration if i have a motorcycle form shop in india i may go for an option like repairs.motorbikes.india

this will give me some nice little original seo there can be a lot of effects before you buy a sphere name but do not overthink it too important as well just go with your gut feel .

buy the bone that you suppose is the stylish for your website alright now you have decided the sphere name for your website let's see how and where we can buy a sphere name i've in front of me a many popular websites that people go on to and buy sphere names these are ,

we've google disciplines over then we've the popular as well and we've bluehost which is a hosting website and a sphere website as well and indeed on godaddy you can get sphere names as low as well as hostings uh on this website .

so i suppose if you're after a hosting plan with a sphere name you can presumably go on these websites uh and see if you get a club deal uh at a important cheaper price but i suppose we will go ahead with namecheap.

and we will see how in this blog uh let's say we want to go for a sphere name law with samir because if i want to start my coding blog as a website this seems like a proper name for it because it has my name it also has the keyword law so that people .

and google can search me through that keyword let's open namecheap by clicking on the url on your screen now or in the description box below and this will open namecheap disciplines for you.

and we can start by searching that sphere that we just mentioned over Then in the hunt box so we will write law with samir and i'll click on hunt this will give me a whole bunch of sphere names that are available.

and some are unapproachable as well but we can make offer to them or we can search from this list of all these sphere names that are available and it will also explore 400 plus further uh sphere names over .

then so we can see that for illustration if i go on to go with law with it's1 0.98 per time and generally it's for12.98 per time but it's the special reduction going on so it's it's around that price .

Speed of the website

then and um for the sake of this illustration i am gon na use really some cheap Bone like fleck xyz and you can see that it goes for10.98 per time as well but for now uh for the first time i am getting it for a bone only depending on what kind of a business or a particular website you want to host uh .

you are buying a sphere for that uh you would see that the retail price for this one issue is generally 23 per time for the coming time so consider that price and not just the the blinked price for the first time because utmost of the websites show you the blinked price for the first time but after that you would get uh for illustration this website for 1098 the coming time uh

and it's the same with other uh sphere names as well or the registers so for illustration if i search law with samir over then in godaddy i would substantially get a analogous rate but there can be a many effects hidden so you have to be really careful while buying a sphere name so then in uh in godaddy .

you can see that i've a fleck core nz sphere which is original to my country i also have a fleck-com bone and if i come to the xyz i can see that i am getting it for1.41 for the first time only

but for the alternate time if i come back and let's be positive that you know if you want to keep your business for a longer time uh you would have to pay 22 bones for the alternate time whereas in namecheap you would only have to pay 1098 for the alternate time

if we compare the fleck xyz disciplines and also you can compare the sphere name prices in all these websites over then and i suppose you should choose the stylish one uh that gives you the you know the cheapest one for the multiple times principally

so now that you know that what do you have to look for in when you are comparing the prices for these uh sphere names first of all look at the blinked price for the first time and also look at the price you'll get it for the coming time because that can make a huge difference

if you're keeping the sphere name for the coming time so for this illustration i am gon na use namecheap and links are again in the description box below uh for this illustration

i am going to use and i'm going to add it to card you can add multiple if you would like formerly in my wain i'll view the item or i can click on this card item and view card on the shopping wain runner i can easily see that uh

i've one time of subscription with it i can change it to multiple times and get a good reduction over then and if you change the uh the duration of the sphere name you can see that the price increased from one dollar to 7.99 which is fine because otherwise it would have costed me 21.96

and at a special price i'm getting it only for 7.99 so it can be beneficial for you to just think over of how long you want to keep your domain name or do you want to just pay it every year

so i will choose one year for this demonstration and you can click on auto renew or not because it will capture your card details and auto renew it for you so that you don't lose it if you forget it the domain privacy over here is enabled

and it's free forever and i think a lot of websites like godaddy or other ones they offer some premium domain privacy which doesn't make sense because uh domain privacy basically allows your public information to be blocked from everywhere everyone else on the internet uh via the who is um website and basically you're just getting there for free uh with namecheap

so that's that's a pretty handy thing the next thing it is asking is do you want premium dns and i would skip that because most of the websites would not need it and it's asking do you want to add an ssl to your domain name

and they have some reasons of it but you don't need to buy ssl there i am going to put another blog where you you can just get ssl for free absolutely free uh for a lifetime so you need not select that option at all

and other options are actually optional we don't really need it unless you want web hosting or if you if you want a professional email for your website but these can be added later on uh but for this demo we'll just have the domain name

and the domain privacy which is free and we will click on confirm order it is asking me to log into my account or create a new one so i will create a new one because i don't have an account already with namecheap so i will give it a username

i will give it a password and confirm password and my other details after that i will click on uh i will untick that because i don't need any marketing communication at all

and i will click on this button to create an account and continue on the account contact information page i will fill in all the details and click on continue so i'll do that now this page is about the who is contact information

and i will use the defaults for now because uh these are my actual details and i will keep them and down here where this checkbox is it's asking me to associate to this domain and enable this at the time of purchase and that is recommended

and i'll keep that checked because that is important uh namecheap will hide all the personal details from the whois database which is publicly available to everybody so it'll do that for us so that's good

Payment method :

and i'll scroll down to continue next is your payment method and you can either choose a card payment or you can choose paypal i will go ahead and use a card this time and i will click on remember this card for later use or you can untick that if you don't want to auto renew your domain and click continue

so on this page you can see that you're buying uh the domain name called and uh you're getting free domain privacy for this domain free forever which is a great thing because other companies also charge for this facility which should be free to be honest and there's your payment details

and the issued receipt for address and other information so i will go ahead and click on pay now as you can see on this page our order has been completed and we have successfully purchased the the website uh the domain name that we were looking for and it's it's a very easy process with namecheap

and they've got an amazing uh website and it's it's kind of a seamless uh purchase so uh let me know in the comments below if you find another domain name is better than namecheap

and i can review that and and do a little more comparison a deep down comparison between the two as well uh but for this blog uh i went ahead with namecheap and i think it's a great option um to buy domain names all right that was it for this blog uh and i hope you all enjoyed it in the next blogs

Cost :

i will use this domain name and use multiple hosting providers to host an html css and javascript website onto the web and i will use different platforms both free and paid ones and i will basically review them um side by side uh i hope you like this blog if you like if you did like it uh hit that like button

and also subscribe to my blog if you haven't done it already and thank you so much for watching see you in the next one you