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Hyperbolic Stretching Review

What is Hyperbolic Stretching

So I had a good time making these tutorials it's been delightful and I had a great response but the number one question I keep getting is how do you stretch? How do you keep your inflexibility so moment we are going to be doing the Scott Adkins stretching tutorial. So this is how I typically do it.

I will start off with what they call the Cossack stretch which is coming down then like this. You can moreover keep both bases on the bottom or this heel up, I tend to do both. Really important to keep this bottom flat on the bottom because it increases the mobility of your ankle.

Stretching out the reverse muscles as well.

I have sprained this ankle so numerous times this bone really hurts and you can see that my heel is coming off the ground, that is because I have sprained that ankle so numerous times. I have meddled it up. Anyway, this just gets me nice and loosened up and I have open up the groin area stretching out those ankles really sitting back intoit. Stretching out the reverse muscles as well.

This side stretch more through the hamstring. I am just using this to really loosen up the legs, a nice easy stretch to get going with. A little bit of bouncing but not too important and this is the first thing I will do. This way keeping both bases flat on the bottom. Make sure the the knees come all the way out this way.

Feel the stretch in reverse

You do not want it to point then I do not want to be over the knee, this side I want it nice and wide. Open it up like so, also I will unbend my knees and just drop into it like this. Pull my arms down low forwards and over on my tiptoes. I can feel the stretch in my reverse. I am just stretching out those hamstrings.

This is good for the reverse. I had a many problems with my reverse so always get those aft muscles stretched out as much as I can. Push that out wide in the groin sit down into a deep stretch and come up a little bit and also sit down into it deep. both bases flat on the bottom and just get the mobility into those hips really important to get mobility into the hips because if you want to protest high obviously you need to be flexible. From then I do not know what this stretch is called but I do this.

This is going back to the old Taekwondo days now really important with this, if you are not as flexible as I'm at the moment also you can have your knee out to the frontal perhaps but what is really important is that the bottom isn't in that kind of position because that is putting a lot of pressure onto my kneejoint.

However, nice and wide but that bottom needs to be in the correct position, If it looks like that also tuck all the way in you can sit on it that is a a less dangerous position for the knee to sit only bottom rather will not be then because it's gon na open up my hips more.

Now from then I will stretch down to the frontal leg and it's important not to try and force your head down to your knee because you suppose you are getting a better stretch that way actually you are not. Keep your head over and stretch for was trying get your casket down on your name this is a better stretch than this.

This is better see? It really depends on how the hamstring feels. You can feel when you got a good stretch again it's just a relaxed stretch nothing too crazy if I feel pain also do not go any further you see that this leg my right leg is less flexible than my leftism, it's always been that way since I was a sprat I do not know why but that is why I tend to do further kicks with my left leg than my right just because it was more flexible so I tended to favor that leg.

Butterfly stretch

Again then to the front, stretch to the middle opening up this groin area this side stretch to the front to the middle yeah full range of stir. One of the bones I like to do, I suppose it's called the butterfly stretch.

I bring in my bases all the way into my groin I can push down on my knees like so just again open up the groin stretch it down like that also you can put your bases on so your knees are at a 45 degree angle hold on to the toes and again stretch down do not bring the head down like this keep your casket up I am pulling on my toes just to get myself a stretch and really feel that in my reverse I am then again for another one of these stretches and I am just relaxing then I am just chilling out.

It should not be too painful I am just freeing up the body what I tend to do is do these stretches in front of the Television a lot of the time so now I have got a enough good stretch on and obviously I am I am not that flexible but I am okay see if you are floundering to get down to then that is fine just to be in this position I will go as deep as I can and also I'll sit back with my toes pointing up.

You should not be give you in this position I suppose it's better to lean on because if you are upright I do suppose that is pressure on your lower reverse and on the hips so if you are in the middle spits in this position

I suppose it's okay to lean forwards and also if you are gon na sit down as you want you to have your toes pointing up and I am just gon na stretch. stretch to the front a little bit of a gemstone back and on I am gon na keep getting deeper into the stretch now and there is no secret to it, this is the way I stretch I am not the most flexible but I am enough good if I did it more frequently I'd be more flexible.